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Umm al Maradim Island

Umm al Maradim (Translation: Mother of boulders) is an Island located at the extreme south of Kuwait's marine borders near the junction with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Umm Al-Maradim is surrounded by deep waters which enable ships to land directly at its shores - an advantage which is not available on most Kuwaiti islands. Its length east to west is less than a mile (1.6 kilometer) and its width is about a third of a mile (540 meters). It is an oval island with a sand cape. Pearl oysters breed around the Umm Al-Maradim seabed. In the past, ships sailed for pearl diving in the morning and returned by night to the island. So the island was crowded with the ships' crews, divers and pearl traders who flocked to purchase the pearl harvest from the ships' captains. The island is usually full of migratory and sedentary birds, especially seagulls. During the rainy season, it is covered with green grass which makes it a beautiful place for those who enjoy outings amidst the splendor of nature. Umm Al-Maradim was the first Kuwaiti land to be liberated from the Invasion of Kuwait in 1991. On its territory the Kuwaiti flag was hoisted again proclaiming the defeat of aggression and the restoration of legality. The island is uninhabited except for some public buildings such as a lighthouse and a police station.

28° 40' 42? N, 48° 39' 10? E
28.678333, 48.652778